Fire Safety Tips for Pets

Fire Safety

1. Place a pet alert sticker in the window of your home.

Include how many pets are in the home, what types, and any important information for locating them.

2. Keep pets near entrances when away from home.

This will make it easier for firefighters to find them. Make sure collars and leashes are easily accessible.

3. Include pets in your escape plan.

Create an escape plan and practice it regularly. Someone will need to be in charge of getting your pet out of the house if there is reasonable time to do so. 

4. Have your pet microchipped and keep tags up to date.

In the event your pet is able to escape, this will make it easier to find him or her after the fire. 

5. Do a fire prevention scan of your home.

Inquisitive pets can start fires. Never leave open flames unattended, consider removing stove knobs, and invest in flameless candles.